1. D

    WolfWood Wallpaper

    Made a new Wolfwood wallpaper, hope ya like it, I'm using it for my wallpaper so it's up for you guys anyways.... Now I know some genious is gonna notice that hte pic is cut off, and yeah, it is, but I did that on purpose 'cause the pic is short, and when you make it your wallpaper you can't...
  2. Amitron

    Wolfwood Siggy!

    Whatdya' Fink?
  3. P

    Vash And Wolfwood

    Vash And Woldwood This was made just cos i wanted to try out a new efx (the background, and the text colors), what do you think? Plz comment on Dev too if you can!!! plz plz plz I know its not great, but tell me what i can do to make it better and i will :P edit: what do u think...