1. M

    sensu and wishing

    i dunno if this was already posted or not but i cant get any sensu beans and i dont see any dragonballs...are those features coming fixed in 1.3? or am i just not finding them
  2. Y

    what is wishing and how do you wish?

    sorry, i am new to this game (thats why im in the newbie section) but what is wishing and how do you wish? :scared:
  3. C

    Wishing Friendship???

    What is wishing Friendship good for???
  4. J

    dragon replacement; wishing well!

    I made a dragon replacement; a wishing well :) pics here: http://lizzard.virtue.nu/picture.JPG COPY & PASTE the new dl-link will come when it's done
  5. NightShade

    Vegetto wishing you luck

    i saw your what you said with the esf bots. i wish you luck with it. the bot idea is a very good one and will get more fans for the non broadband people. So i hope you make them very well cause i sure as heck will be training with them :p if your not making bots then sorry i am stupid and please...
  6. Ecchi Pr0n

    Wishing?explain more about this wishing *PLZ DEV*

    i was reading the interview on that dutch site [man thats an easy langeauge]but anyway i was looking at the eye candy and i found this WISHING PICTURE wxplain about the whole wishing thing or is it just a joke[better not be a joke]