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    ermm something wired is going on with my map>_<

    ok i have just getting into my map of dying namek, but when i apply the textures from the namek guru.WAD it always goes wired and gets errors in it(like if i go to move the texture the thing will go white(like it has deleted the texture) thats one of the things that is bugging me>_< the next...
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    Wired thing happed on offial esf server

    ok this guy named airosilver came in and typed freeze and froze the sevrer.I never heard of any esf hacks but i guess theres some now :)
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    DakD about your ssj3 goku model..

    can you fix up the clothing on your latest version? it looks wired how theres all torn up he looks like a ganster lol can u just make his normal clothing?
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    hmmmm wired..............

    i have seen many times that the auras tail sometimes changes color ex: when cell just used his aura and i use mine the tail turns green wired