1. FalconFury

    Dora The Explorer (with Ariel Winter)

    Lol when i check out the trailer i was like wow. And when i saw a 14 year old girl in it with a gun and like HOLY 0_o and im like this is getting interesting.
  2. Mkilbride

    Guru3D PC Buyers Winter Guide Guru3D is my Tech go to site, they've helped me throughout quite a few years building my rig, fixing my rig, ect, making mods, the people here are enthusiasts, and in the top 60 folders in the world, which is pretty damn good for a single...
  3. H

    typical american winter is gone :(

    back to the day in 60's everyone kid had play the snow everyday in the winter, but now it is hardly see any snow now. I havent see the "real "snow in last year(2007) because the temperature is so high all snow torn into rain or sprinkle.(like 50 or something, some time goes to even 70 in...
  4. bapplebo


    Winter here in the Tusken Raider homeland, so yeah.... Gonna make the other seasons too. When its their turn.
  5. VivaLaPineapple

    winter wallpaper

    well since i know some of you guys like my wallpapers however simplistic looking they may be. here is my latest enjoy
  6. PiXel

    Damn long late cold winter... what wil be next?!

    Well if you had noticed, the winter came very late in the year 2004.... but now it will be again somehow abit hotter. What do you think? Will be the summer damn hot and long as the winter.... or will the winter come back earlier? I think the Summer will be until november :-\ cuz who knows...
  7. A

    Winter sig o/

  8. VivaLaPineapple

    Winter siggies

    post your winter sigs this is my old one cause im to lazy to make a new one
  9. VivaLaPineapple

    winter sig

    a new sig to go with the wallpaper i made. im aware its not winter time but i prefer winter more then summer. there is a verry little animation if u wait for it
  10. VivaLaPineapple

    winter wallpaper comments and critz please
  11. Hawki_ice

    Winter sig

    Yea Its winter here so i went with a theme NZ cold!
  12. Styles

    Never Winter Nights or Dungeon Siege??

    Well I got some cash and I'm either gonna get Ds or Nwn have you guys plaed either and if so what would you reccomend?
  13. NightShade

    Never winter nights!

    was owning in jk2 like always when one of my jk2 buds walks in. he telling me about nwn. i said ya i heard of it he said cool you getting it? i said maybe later... so he said bump that i want me and you to play it togather and so he buys it for me. O_O i was like whoa so i go check the website...