1. kam!

    Rate that Signature ZERO; the prequel to the award winning series!

    You know how it works. Rate the signature of the user above you x/10. Feel free to leave comments. gogogo
  2. R

    PowerStruggle bar doesn't display who's winning

    Hello :) I have a problem with ESF: when i'lm in a powerstruggle (beam, Clsoe Combat etc..) i can see the red and blue part, but the "line" which displays wh'os winning, is so thin (maybe 1pixel) that it's hard for me to know if i will win or not. i've tried to play with an another hud...
  3. -{VC}- sWiTcH

    Sore winning?

    Im seeing this more and more lately. After getting owned (b/c i pretty much suck), i here numerous complaints about how "my ping is too high" or "lagg..." or "you turtle too much" or, the worst of them all, "you cheated". Keep in mind this is after i lost. Am i the only one who has this...
  4. V

    can someone give me a link?

    i need a link too a website containing future trunks vs Vegeta and trunks is winning for my sig please:D
  5. Twysta

    winning a PS/BS

    When you go into a PS (power strugle) or BS (block strugle), how do you win faster? I know its something with mouse1 (or whatever you bind +attack to), do you have to repetadly tap the button to win? or can you just hold it? PS: if you have to repetadly tap it, I suggest this be taken out in...