1. The Deco

    Need the laws of the wild west period

    Well, I tried to find on the internet some of the laws, or the law ideas of the wild west. I tried searching for American 19th century laws as well, didn't find anything. If someone of you can direct me? It doesn't have to be all of the laws, just the major ones. It could be of course, the...
  2. Barney

    Where the Wild Things Are trailer

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=--N9klJXbjQ One of my most favorite books as a kid. I think it looks great.
  3. ~*Logan*~

    A wild ??? appears!!!

    Choose what you do then post your own wild thing Example: poster1: A wild banana appears what will you do??? poster2: eat it in one go! a wild blah blah blah so on and so forth So, here we go... A WILD LOGAN APPEARS! What will you do?!
  4. P

    First Jpeg exploit found in the wild.

  5. N

    Screen goes completely wild during melee.

    Ok, please help me out here. I d'loaded esf 5 days ago and I loved it straight away. But... I haven't been able to do one good melee fight. Here's what happens: When someone charges me, the prepunch sequence beginns. I can hear this, but I can't see it, because the screen goes completely...
  6. P

    My Buu Skin

    Hey i made a buu skin tell me what you think. I decided to replace buu with a ball. I think it looks so much better than the current model. Look at it ITS WAY BETTER THAN THE ESF BUU I MEAN WOAHHHHHHHHHHH SO I MUCH BETTER My Aim: Pokekil ill send you the model you can also use...
  7. R

    Running Wild (Ready For Boarding)

    Hi! i´m German so don´t laugh over my ugly english. :rolleyes: So here is my wish: I´m Downloading The Running Wild Cd "Ready For Boarding" And I need only 3 mp3 files.:cry: The names of them are 1.diabolic force 2.raw ride 3.adrian s.o.s. can you send me the file with a...
  8. DaKD

    SSJ Brolly WIP (Not for ESF)

    heres my ssj brolly that im gonna use for 3d animation (unskinned right now) hows it look . lol dont tell me the arms suk i know he just looked funny armless
  9. Hash

    New Sig. Hulk Hogan Anyone?

    What are ya gonna do? When the Hulkamaniacs, run wild, on you? What do you think of my new sig? Any ways I could improve on it?
  10. E

    Sample work, please rate?

    here they are, just let me know what you guys htink =p. some splashs. http://www.ai-syndicate.com/test/a.gif http://www.ai-syndicate.com/test/b.gif http://www.ai-syndicate.com/test/c.gif http://www.ai-syndicate.com/test/d.gif
  11. Naz

    The first thing I did with photoshop

    Well this is my first thing, I know not very good, but I have much to learn, so well this is it :) I'll try making more sig like things