1. Arnoud666

    Esf wil it go to Half Life 2?

    Will Esf go to half life 2 once? just wanna know it.
  2. PiXel

    Damn long late cold winter... what wil be next?!

    Well if you had noticed, the winter came very late in the year 2004.... but now it will be again somehow abit hotter. What do you think? Will be the summer damn hot and long as the winter.... or will the winter come back earlier? I think the Summer will be until november :-\ cuz who knows...
  3. B

    How long wil 1.2 mele fites generly be??

    How long wil 1.2 mele fites generly be?? longer or shorter then 1.1 fites?
  4. Z

    need a compiler/ animator

    hy i need some 2 who can compile my models into a q2 model and i need some 1 who can animate m dont ask for pics cous i wil give them when the game is releast
  5. Z

    frieza saga battle damegd goku

    where is it ???? and if its not out who wil make it ? and when wil it be out ?
  6. B

    a little problem

    i made a brolly pack....brolly...ssj brolly....a new pic for the character selection screen...and changed the stats to say brolly....only problem is i can't get my ssj brolly any taller....i'm using milkshape...i used the scale all tool and it looked fine but when i tried him in model viewer he...
  7. MaX

    My Aurapack is hosted at RedSayian now

    yeh prolly rest of my aurapacks wil be on RS REdsayian now.. and it be in Misc. so check there everyone once and awhile and maybe a diff version be out if ya dont cath it on esf forums :).. anyway wonna thanks spin for letting mehost it :).
  8. SSj Goten


    Can Anyone Make Me A Mystic Gohan Not Battle Damage pls?...I Really Want One I Tryed Fixing The Battle Damage One But Its To Hard!!!
  9. J

    Whats wrong with my skins??

    there is something wrong with buu, krillin and gohan skins. How can i fix this or get these skins