1. Optional

    Steam Sale - Psychonauts

    Pyschonauts for $2 Great game. Worth way more than that.
  2. Chakra-X

    Your Thoughts on Wikipedia?

    When I tell people I read something on Wikipedia, they automatically assume my facts are wrong. This bothers me because more often than not, the types of articles I read are true. And the ones that are a bit sketchy, I look out for weasel words and if the citations are worthy. The fact that...
  3. ace005

    Wikipedia? WTF?

    Okay, I like wikipedia. I find alot of interesting and usefull stuf over there. Alot of stuff about DBZ too... But nothing about ESF??? Why is that? I think ESF is quite big and deserves a spot in WIKIPEDIA So I tried to make a base page, and of course I will add more, and please vereybody...