1. M

    Whites to be Minority in US by 2050

    Source: http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20080211/lf_afp/uspopulationimmigrationethnic;_ylt=ApmLVVlnM0ofrTj1jc7onZOs0NUE
  2. Vegeta's Briefs


    So, I was testing the digital camera and I took a picture of one of my drawings. One of my brothers suggested that I show you guys, so why not? And no, her finger isn't fat. The line that separated the two fingers doesn't show up :S In case it's too big for you, go here...
  3. Demi-Shadow

    Sig for strike, crits please.. AND POST THIS TIME!

    Crits? ok, this is my <counts> 7th sig, it's a different style, and the first one i've put lightning in. Comments, crits, praises etc please. *repost* can someone actualy POST here please?!
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