1. E

    New Layout, what ya think?

    Hey guys, Ive been kinda busy, but yesterday I whipped up this new design, what do you guys think? http://jurassicrage.city-17.net/news.php
  2. D

    New siggy

    I whipped this up, and want your guys' opinions on which is better: THE OLD THE NEW I kinda like the new ones. All crits welcome :) Thanks.
  3. fatmanterror

    A lil somethin i whipped up

    well this is my latest venture, ssj4 gogeta, i planned to be doing this in 3d max, but my copy is messed up some how;( so i took what i learned about box modeling, and used it in milkshape, this is about 30 minutes into it, i have the head done and of course im gonna add a tail, but ill show...
  4. E

    ESF SPLASH SCREEN. What you think?

    What yall think?:\
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