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    whining and *****ing threads...

    well this may seem to be a thread about the ppl who are whining about the ppl who are whining, but plz, close these threads, we have seen them a million and one times, they are pointless now, sorta like this thread, but even more so. Thanks Zolly
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    Please!!!,somebody help me!, arghhhh...

    Okay here is the deal! i wanted to compile my model from .QC to MDL, and so it worked. but then i noticed milkshape didn´t grab the animations, only the reference, so....how can i compile with the animations??? please help, thnx already!
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    Please people stop whining about this stuff.

    Stop whining about 1. Stop double teaming me waaaa. Its called Team battle for a reason. 2. Stop whining about melee. It has melee in the game for a reason its DBZ. 3. Stop whining about people who throw alot of ki. Its has ki in the game for a reason its DBZ. 4. Stop whining...
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    u know that goten that god gundam made well it sucks Its even better if there is saoud included that model
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    f-16 fighting falcon

    well this forum seems a little slow so ill just post my model of an f-16 fighter jet. im not done with it its at 342 polys. Click here to see it (you need Viewpoint Media Player to see it)