1. G

    where'd u like to fight

    i would lie to knwo..if you were to fight in any game...with any char whether anime or real life...where would it be
  2. P

    whered they go

    i dont no if it goes in this section but its bout maps.... all the old maps are gone, are they even capatible with 1.2? also all the current maps are massive i like to play on small maps against a few bots so i dont have to fly around as much but not too small that they spot me wen i...
  3. G

    first Model Edits

    Hi I made My First Model edits SSj4 Goku Edit Link to Picture is :http://www.im-d.com/SFHclan/forums/uploads/post-2-1057206465.jpg SSj4 Vegeta Edit Link to Picture is : http://www.im-d.com/SFHclan/forums/uploads/post-2-1057206486.jpg Majin SSj2 Gohan - Non SSj Model link to...
  4. Hiro

    whered all the spam go...?

    my favorite section is gone the spam section...:( oh well is this cause of the bandwidth problem?
  5. T

    DMZ site? Where'd it go?

    What's up with that?