1. J-Dude

    Mouse wheel stopped working (hardware, not software)

    Okay, been using the same reliable old mouse since I got my computer in 2005. And just today, I'm scrolling with it, and away goes the resistant clicking sound, and instantly it stops reacting to it. Figured out how to take the mouse apart and cleaned it out inside, all manner of hair in it...
  2. The Deco

    Want a steering wheel for the PC woooot!!

    OK I got some money and I really want a steering wheel for my PC to play games such as NFS most wanted. Now the thing is I want the wheel to be with pedals and gear so it will feel real, the problem is I looked over the internet and all I could find is gears that go backward and forward. I think...
  3. saiyanslayer

    Mouse wheel problems

    alright, there's the deal: i cannot use the mouse wheels up and down, yet outside of the actual game they work, even when customizing. In game, they just do not work. The console doesn't give me a error or anything, it's just as if the keys don't exsist. I would appreciate any and all help <:)