1. )V(ajinjosh

    wer can i download 3dmax?

    can som1 tell me were i can download 3d max plz ;D
  2. )V(ajinjosh

    some of the esf 1.2 models wer not realesed

    hi.. i just downloaded the esf beta 1.2 full and i noteced that not all the models that they sed wud be in esf 1.2 like on esf-world (the gokus)like darkones goku woz ment to be in it so y isnt it?
  3. Froggo

    Third Wallpaper :D

    Heres my Third one, I know its empty becouse i like it that way and with the icons it wont be so empty. Its mostly made for you .hack//SIGN fans out there
  4. Wangster

    2 bgs, and a budugly sig you can have ^_^

    here, as the title says: sig: BG N1: BG N1: you can have the sig, but give crits on the bg!
  5. S


    didnt PM because i needed u to see this u closed all my threads before i could apologise so "sorry buddy a bad call on my part" Close please
  6. DaKD

    Startin Over

    Well now that ive begun to use a more powerful modeler (3dsmax) i will be taking down my site and restartin all my models by making better versions