1. Nemix

    News Update 5/23/2011 - Weighted Vertices

    Darktooth has written a quick comparison of the new ESF animation system versus the standard Half-life animation system. A few months ago Ryokeen implemented an animation system that allows models to be rigged with a weighted skeleton. The new system uses vertex weights to assign a single...
  2. S

    Weighted clothing

    there should be weighted clothing in 1.2 or 1.3 when you wear your weighted clothing you wil be slower and weaker when you have weighted clothing on but when you have weighted clothing on you will increase your power and speed faster and have some animation to take of the clothing
  3. S

    Weighted training before a game starts

    i just watched the world tornement saga(or how ever it is spelt) and i saw goku training with the weights(on his arms and legs) i thought to my self this would be a good idea for a new mode for esf. say u are bored with ctdb or team deathmatch thing. this will be good because you could...