1. Mog

    Bot- Personalities, Skills & Waypoints

    Bot personalities, waypoints, skills, names and chat do not work... They do not work unless you change the esf folder name from "esf_openbeta" to "esf_inteam" O_o I can see this is probably just due to not using relative (enough) pathnames... not really a real bug. I decided it's probably...
  2. B


    I have tried installing esf bots, i have the latest version of akimbot ( i believe ), i read the read-me file, and it told me to go to the sub-directories... i went to the esforces directory, double-clicked on the install program, but it keep giving me " esforces is NOT installed ( or is in an...
  3. T

    Bot waypoints

    i am sure anyone who has played with ESF-BOT will agree with me the bots are available on all maps, but! all they do is go to the outside of a map and run round the edge and they only notice you when you fly,run or teleport just infront of them! so can we have some propper waypoints for...
  4. S

    waypoints for ESF-bot

    Are you tired of seeing bots getting stuck in corners or staying in the same area , then you need waypoints !!! because the Esf-bot is based on botman's bot I thought well it must have the same commands , and it did ! If you don't know what waypoints are or don't know how to add/delete...
  5. Priden


    Do you happen to have new waypoints for Alpha??
  6. K

    Akimbot Waypoints

    Hey dudes, I got the Akimbot for ESF, but I was just wondrin..is it better to have waypoints for the esf maps?, and if it is, where can i get em?, does anyone know? by the way..I know all this akimbot stuff isn't really going to matter when the beta comes out, but just for the few days...
  7. S

    stupid "waypoints"!! where can i get a esf_cellsarena.bsp waypoint???

    akimbot sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;(
  8. I

    Waypoints and Bots for ESP

    Hi this is my first post.:) I was just wondering what is the best bot for ESP. I got the lastest Akimbot and that works with it but i need wps, anyone know where i can get any.
  9. M

    waypoints won't work!!! AKIMBOT 2.3

    Questions for people who use AKIMBOT 2.3 i tried to put waypoints on a map but the bots wont go or follow, how can i make them follow the points? how can i make the bots spawn in a certain spot? and how can i put the bots in a certain team if im playing team mode?
  10. S

    Waypoints for ESF

    Does anyone know, where I can find Waypoints for the Akimbot to play ESF better?? SSJ-Goku
  11. I

    Waypoints for bots.......

    Whenever I have Akimbot installed, in ESF it keeps flashing text across the screen " Set Waypoint for bots, Waypoints aren't set...." So how do I set waypoints?
  12. Insight

    ESF Waypoints

    can someone tell me where i can find waypoints for esf.
  13. Insight


    where can iget waypoints for akimbot?
  14. Majin Sephiroth

    maps and waypoints

    anyone know where theres a sit or sites that have esf's maps and waypoints for bots??
  15. S

    waypoints on akimbot...¬¬

    awwwwww...... i don't know what is waypoints.... i run the esf... and i start the lan game..... the akimbot don't add...... have a mensg: read the waypoint.txt to add a bot....... i read.... but i don't understand anything........ helllppp!!!! thxssss
  16. C

    waypoints for akimbot - where?

    hi! i just cant find waypoints for the akimbot fpr the great esf mod... where can i find the waypoints? AND HOW TO INSTALL THE WAYPOINTS?? would be great if someone could help me! CU! ColdBlooder
  17. L


    Hey hello, I just downloaded Earth Special forces and am unable to play online, I was wondering if there were any bots and waypoints I could download (the bots are optional) thank you Ryan
  18. M

    Where can I get bot waypoints

    I can't find any waypoints for ESF!!!!! I love to play with my friends on a lan, but if better with bot's to kill;(
  19. L

    NEED Waypoints 4 AkimboT

    Well... 1st im German so Im sorry 4 my english. I want to play against bots so i downloaded Akimbot and installed it but i need waypoints! I cant do waypoints because i dont get it to bring down the console in the game... Yes I KNOW how bring down the console but it dont works... so i cant...
  20. E

    Any waypoints?

    Has anybody made any good waypoints yet, if someone has can they please either upload the waypoints somewhere for everybody to download or send them to me please. Thanks
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