1. E

    sound wavs not working

    i was wondering if there was some codec or something i need to make wav files for this game with, i tryed uploading a few sounds from a dbz fighting game for the snes which i recorded but the sounds just dont want to play in the game, the old sounds still work though just the ones i replace that...
  2. P

    Any body out there got any Vegito Wavs or Sound Packs

    Im looking for some Vegito Wavs(u know clips of the speeches that he makes). I dont want any themes, i have about the whole collection. If anybody has some, hand them over now or u'll be on the back end of a final kahmehameha(lol j/p Vegeta genes). Thanks!:] P.S. Partically im lookin for when...
  3. DragonDude

    What programs do you use for making ESF .wavs?

    I've seen this question asked in a few other old threads, but no one answered the people's questions! Do you guys have any links to good (preferably free) sound capture/editing software? What do you use to make your sounds?
  4. Shuyin

    dbz sound wavs

    well i was actually looking to get a new esf powerup wav but no luck yet. i stumbled accross this site : http://www.thecellgame.net/main.php?page=wav lol, the frieza one is kinda of odd....and.....well, frieza like :p just go to and click on "Having these balls"...
  5. SSj Goten


    Can Anyone Make Me A Mystic Gohan Not Battle Damage pls?...I Really Want One I Tryed Fixing The Battle Damage One But Its To Hard!!!