1. N

    anybody knowledgable in esf and warcraft3

    yo... does anyone kno how to put one of those crzy esf models into w3? i would really appreciate it
  2. G

    Warcraft3 mod

    What about a warcraft3 mod with fx the teams good and evil. at good there could be heroes like goku and gohan and things like that. at evil the heroes could be cell and freezer and so on. tell what you think about the idea.
  3. fatmanterror


    i just got warcraft 3 today and whenever i run it, the sprites around the heros are big white squares, i know its probly because its in direct 3d mode cause thats what happens when i run half life in direct 3d, all the sprites get fudged, so does anybody know if i can switch warcraft to run on...