1. TimTheEnchantor

    2 3d renders, will be making walls for..

    These 2 images are going to both be made into wallpapers sometime in the NEAR future.. Hope these can savor your tastes until they are made... one will be very simplistic ; the other will be very complex, dunno which will be which right now
  2. -Dark Shadow-

    destroyable walls...

    well read this first before you vote ok first like you use a beam into the rocks or something and then it actually can be destroyed and when using melee, you like kick them into the rock and makes a huge dip in it like in the real DBZ but that would take ages to make i think but i don't know if...
  3. E


    When building a map in Hammer, I get trouble while building the walls, for example: Ill have the floor(with textures) and the info_player_start, down, but when I go to put a wall up, (using the top view) the walls just go through the map, or away from the map, and not around the egdes, like they...
  4. X

    Terrain and Walls should take BIG damage!.

    Im suggesting this so that when someone creates a map w/ breakable cliffs/rocks/ground ect. (like one of swiss_cheeses) maps. It'd be more DBZ like. You drop kick/axehandle someone to the wall/floor/rocks and the rocks crumble and break when thrown up against it :D
  5. Z

    a suggestion on explosions and walls

    when u grab an attack and that powerstruggle comes up,and your going straight for the wall,i think that u should break into the wall and keep going in, wouldnt it look cool? OR maybe just make it so when u get kicked across map and u hit a wall you should make a crater. cuz it seems kinda weird...
  6. B

    go into the walls

    I found this out a while ago first crouch and run into a wall while crouching and teleport now your in the wall.