1. Ness

    Dying good samaritan left to bleed to death as bystanders walk past

    http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/northamerica/usa/7635862/Dying-good-Samaritan-ignored-by-20-people.html Wow.
  2. -Origin

    The dead ****ing walk!

    EDIT: That is just hilarious.
  3. john_volkov

    Character menu and walk in wals bug

    ok Character menu it's like this http://img259.imageshack.us/img259/912/esfnewguru0000mt1.jpg I think it's because the Gforce Card and on evry Gforce card will look like this walk trought wall bug on new Guru map when you spawn after you enter the place where bulma is this is whit...
  4. Synth

    Where I walk, I walk alone

    I wouldn't call it a WIP, more of an attempt. C&C? Also, anyone know tutorials that might help me improve on what I was attempting?
  5. Wolf Devil

    Walk the Line

    "You look like you're going to a funeral" "Maybe I am" Well, today I got to see this great movie. The minute I saw the previews for it in August right before seeing "The Brother's Grimm," I knew it would be a FANTASTIC movie. I had no real grasp of who Johnny Cash was, other than loved by...
  6. K

    HELP!! I have a prob with my ssj4 Gotenks

    OK i have the programe milkshape 3D 1.6.6a i made a tail for my ssj4 gotenks but when want to export the file it gives me a warning: Found vertex with invalid bone assignment! Model not exported! what do i have to do??? Here's a pic a made (the gotenks ssj4 reskin) if u can't see...
  7. Cold Steel

    Screen in an unusual shape.

    Ok i suppose most of you know tgw_cloud_palace, i want to do something cool with the dimentional door, from the lookout to the rosat. I want to make a screen in the shape of a door, so when you go to the door, you see the rosat, this way it looks a little more realistic(the camera will be...
  8. L

    walk down memory lane

    This is a thread dedicated to the old people and old events from these forums, beofre the influx... and to get things started THE BATSIGNALS (minus the original VT one... damn u interweb.)
  9. Z

    need help exporting

    i edited piccalo and delted his ears and now every time i try i get grabbing .\/piccolo.smd grabbing .\/look_idle.smd grabbing .\/idle.smd grabbing .\/deep_idle.smd grabbing .\/run2.smd grabbing .\/run_backward.smd grabbing .\/walk2handed.smd grabbing .\/walk_backward.smd grabbing...
  10. Mr.Bugskin

    HoW Do u?

    Like it?It took me hours to do that stuff
  11. G

    Otherworld Tournament.

    This is an idea for a map. The Otherworld Tournament! Where Goku and Piccon fought. I would be in the shape of a circle and a square area in the center for the fighting area. A chair for the Grand Kai and rocks hovering above it all, like in the show. If no one plans to make it, i've been...
  12. M

    Modelling help

    Im so utterly comfused by this modelling lark. I have decompiled a model and import the ssjtrunks.smd. Is this the model i need to edit to change everything or do i have to edit every single model. Also when i use HL Model Viewer to see if my changes have worked it doesnt seem to have done so...
  13. P

    Kai planet

    I think that someone should make a map for teh kai planet. I think that the z-sword should be put in too. I would attempt to make it but im working on a model right now. Think about it
  14. I

    Complete Mapping Faq

    I made a complete mapping FAQ for mapping with Worldcraft for ESF. Well not on the actuall mapping but on getting it set up. I was hoping to just paste the text up here on the message board... but it seems like it won't. So I put it up on my website. click here to view it. :fight:
  15. MrMasj

    High Walk

    I have created a new map for the Beta. But i have got a wierd problem the models a flying a bit over the ground when they are walking fighting and so on. Have any one of you seen this error before ???
  16. S

    how to skin lol

    hi guys thnx for learning me modelling but now i wanna learn how to Skin !0!:] and how i can import a esf model cuz hl = .mdl 3ds max = .max so plz help me with that to thnx anway :p
  17. Darkness

    Silo Map Beta Pic

    did this as a bit of a bet because i said that DMZ maps suck I havnt used WC for a year now and just had a quick go on it this took about 1 and a half hours no DBZ relevance though. http://www.faceparty.com/member_zoom.asp?uid=141496&img=389412&member=darklikeone On the pic the blue is a...
  18. N

    The Senzu Bean Walk

    The subject may sound weird, but here's what happens: when you select the senzu beans and walk around a bit, the character walks really stupid (with his arms straight down). Is this a known bug that's going to be removed?