1. Deverz

    Nintendo making Wind Waker for Wii U

    http://kotaku.com/5978276/nintendo-is-remaking-the-legend-of-zelda-wind-waker-for-wii-u I never really got to play Wind Waker as I skipped the GC I'm happy they are doing this. I did buy it for my Wii but never got around to playing much of it. In the same video they also reveal Zelda U (My...
  2. C

    Teh wind waker GOTY?

    Teh lengend of zelda: the windwaker is the newsit and most advanced Zelda game to date. I only have the demo but i have enough reading from the web and the back of the game box to know whats up. The story goes somthing like this. at first it may seem the same(Like past titles) but it gets...
  3. esfn00b

    zelda: the wind waker

    I bought this game a week ago, i got the last version in any shop i could find with the bonus games so :P to anyone else who wants it (and lives in auckland) Anyway, what i want is for people to give me their thoughts on this game and any other zelda games. What are your favourites? Is wind...
  4. Shuyin

    wind waker lost

    Wind Waker is a great game but does anyone agree that it doesnt tell you where to go clearly, i mean the boat dont help much and the stone only helps some of the time, so you kinda get left to travel all over the ocean and get all the secrets in the game O_o
  5. A

    Wind Waker Wallpaper (WP Edit)

    I edited it to show him how to improove it and I just wanted everyone to see for comments, Not my best work but I think it turned out nice. 100% credit goes to [SAS]Orion. Enjoy o_O
  6. Wangster

    zelda,, the wind waker!!

    i just received the game!! and it rox0rs!!! does anyone else has the game? and where insactly in the game are u?? i am @ the place that i must get the joy depandement.. and you?