1. wheres_

    Ussj, ussj2 wah?

    On these forums there have been 2 rather pointless peices of contreversy surrounding some of the happenings in 'dragonball z' they being: The levels of super saiya-jin before ssj2 and if vegeta was in fact ssj2 before the majin saga. Well in this thread im going to try and rub out the first...
  2. R

    songs with wah

    hey ppl, i just got a brand new cry babay wah pedal and wanted some songs to learn with good wah in all post will be apreciated
  3. N

    Who wah?

    Lets say i wanna make a neutral model replace vegeta. Or, even, A guy that is goku, to replace vegeta, or w.e. How do I do this? o.O
  4. owa

    New Sig.

    Hey, Well I got around to making a new sig. It is simple I agree but I like it. Not my best work IMO but still I think I'm improving Tell me what ya think.
  5. E

    hl skeleton

    im full of questions i guarantee its my last about modeling so i wunt bug u guys no mo :P i went to polycount made a model with tut in about 20 mins im astonished i got so far and i need to set a skeleton i tried theyr file and tried to do waht they said to merg it into ms 3d and the file they...
  6. K

    Flash Sig v2.0 lol

    Test this baby Changes: -no Teleport until you push button (I know people got annoyed lol) -ICQ, AIM, E-MAIL and -[gF]- Links -Joined -[gF]- so you see the old Shin changed to [-gF]- woohooo How do you like it? <embed src="http://urvx.com/kaioshin/GFKai0shin.swf" quality=high...