1. T


    Whats the wad file i need to play z_sword?
  2. Basslover722

    Namek. wad?

    Hi ive dowloaded some maps but it says couldn't laod namek.wad. Any help would be great.
  3. mr Max


    I need a file called "3trees.wad". Where do i finds it?
  4. mr Max

    .wad Problems... HELP

    I needa .wad file called "textures.wad" post me a lik or send it directly PLZ!!! :yes: :yes: :yes:
  5. N

    wad requesting

    i'm bussy making an halo level for esf but i have not all the textures, so my question is. can someone make me some textures of halo? i'm making the place with the bridgh, the one where you must fight your way true.(let's say the ice and snow level) i nead: -snow -snow cliff -bridgh...
  6. E

    ^^ were do i put the files .wad

    were do i put namek.wad and guru.wad ^^ last trhead im promise ;)
  7. E

    whats a wad file?

    as the title whats a wad file when i try a map its says like couldnt open namek.wad
  8. Lethal_Vegetto

    In Need Of a .wad File. Anyone Have It?

    Im in need of the sdbzwad.wad Does anyone have this .wad? If you do, would u post a download link or if u know a site that has old ESF map files, post a link to that. Thx
  9. U

    WAD files not needed?

    I notice for maps from 1.5 and stuff need wad files but now with 1.6 steam doesnt support wad but they still have texture how do they do that? I'm not sure if i posted this in the right place so if and admins knows a better place please feel free to move it there.
  10. N

    matrix wad's

    can anyone help me whit moving matrix wad's like this and if it can't move than atleast make it like it. ;D
  11. N

    the matrix wad's

    i nead some matrix wad's so i can make a pease of the mega city. i don't know if someone has sean the explanesion of the matrix online(it's exclucive on the dvd of the matrix revolution) but then you wil know what i want. revlections on the windows, see the sun agenst the window and revlect...
  12. X

    gfx WAD Question.

    Um what is this? I installed esf but whenever I try to join a server I get this message. and no I am not using steam right now. Ok I also get it while trying to create a server. Plz help quicly as I am wanting to play esf.
  13. M

    whats the best console WAD file and how to create them?

    there was a program called WALLY but I cant seem to find a way to use it in a way to add pictures to my WAD file and I also dont know exaclty howto use it I guess now some1 will post a tut link... thnx lol and about the console wad files already there online... please help me find them...
  14. F

    wad file

    if anyone is playing cs, i am missing a wad file from my cstrike folder, named decals.wad and pls can anyone send it to me !!!! my e-mail adress is [email protected] :D tks. :D
  15. KilledWithStyle

    WAD request.

    I need help makeing a few coustom WADs for a map I am makeing. If anyone could help me I would appreciate it. If you say ok I will contact you via pm or a Instant messenger.
  16. L


    how i change wed files?? :confused: :cry: :notice: o_o :warning: :fight:
  17. I

    Lack of texture wad?!

    I finnaly pulled myself from TS for a moment, and looky what happens. I start up HL, switch to ESF. Then i run a lan game (for some reason, if i just rush into a server, it takes a long time to load, but when i make a lan game first, it gets all that out of the way) and it freezes in the...
  18. Gogeta91


    i dloaded a pokemon mod wanna see kow weird it is and i wanna know how to work a wad file.
  19. Lord Killmore

    wad files from bsp

    Hey i need some help i need some progs! 1. To get the wad files out of the bsp file 2. convert the wad into pictures 3. Convert the pictures back to a wad file (i got wally but somehow i can´t see the HL wads right ) But i need the program to get the wads ouf of the bsp´s the most...
  20. Yazuken

    Know of any Texture/Wad editors?

    Does anyone know of Half-life texture/Wad editors besides "Wally"