1. L

    Wacom Tablet problems

    Well, some time this year, ( I forgot, atleast 3 months ago) I bought a 400-500$ tablet( http://ca.pricegrabber.com/search_techspecs_full.php/masterid=850078 ). I only used it a few time's, and packed it away.. recently, I forgot why I did just that.. I wanted to really use it, so I hooked it...
  2. Z

    wacom tablet

    hi every body i wanted to know if there wher anny tutorails on how to use wacom tablet and wat programs are teh best to use it with i have wacom tablet graphire 2
  3. Wangster

    Wacom Steel Photo Edition 2

    well, i am going to buy a wacom tablet, but i found this one: Wacom Steel Photo Edition 2 and the writings that describe it just fits perfectly with what i am looking for, but there isnt a pic, can someone find me a pic of the Wacom Steel Photo Edition 2 so that i cna decide my choise? alot...
  4. Wangster

    Wacom tablet

    can someone give me some information about a Wacom tablet, i heard that with these things you can draw graphicly?? and the costs of a normal/good tablet?