1. Silent_Bob

    Vulls banning.

    I was just wondering how long Vulls was banned for, because I haven't really had anyone to annoy since it happened. Sorry if this is considered spam but I didn't know which mod banned him so I wasn't sure who to pm.
  2. VuLLs

    VuLLs Artwork

    This thread will be of artwork both in game pics artist style, and drawings n such. first up... 15 spirit bombs connected to 400 special beam cannons... PWNAGE LOL imma try to get 50 spirit bombs connected to like 700 beam cannons and 5 kameha's and just about every...
  3. VuLLs

    VuLLs Server

    Alrighty then... This will clear things up about my server rules for my Vkk's Tampa Training Server. -1. Server is for noobs who want to learn how to play. -2. If you know how to play and come in trying to play/fight you will be kicked, if you come back in saying stupid statements...