1. Andy011

    Op. Tien is looking for volunteer animators

    OK so here's the deal: Operation Tien, known by many, I'm sure, had the purpose of implementing Tien in ESF 1.3. It all started nicely, sprites were being done and the anims were on a roll. But then, people started quitting. Now, I am the only one left and I request assistance at the...
  2. D

    Needs Some Volunteer 3D Modelers

    Hi my name is Dagan i would like to tell u all that i am making a game... Its an MMORPG ( Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game ).. we are stil developing and puting features and many more... we all all the artists we need but 1 type... a 3d Modeler... i posted in this forum bcuz i know...
  3. S

    Chibi Trunks Animator Needed !!!

    Hey There Guys, I need a animator for a Chibi Trunks model ??? Can any of you Animate the model for me ??? We would like to replace Cell or the original trunks with it, so we can use it for our Buu Saga Model Pack ! Let me know ASAP: [email protected] (Also on msn) Greetz...
  4. N

    Hey, I got a question

    Is it possible for someone to make a mesh and save it so stupid people like me don't have to try and make one? I'd like to try my hand in skinning cuz im fairly gud with 2d GFX, but I'm having a ***** of a time mapping out the skin :(
  5. B

    SSJ4 face texture

    Im not bragging guys but im very good at drawing anime and seems though i cant model/skin for my life i just had a go at a goku face texture............. im ok at drawing on comps so this is ok i suppose i used Adobe 5.5...(MY OLD VERSION) :tired: :tired: