1. ZeroNightmare

    Itunes - Equalize all volume?

    Alright I've been using my Ipod for a while with Itunes and I was wondering if there was a way to equalize the volume of all the songs in the library. Its annoying when I'm listening to a song, and then the next track is literally like 20 decibels louder, then the next lower volume than the...
  2. dan_esf_fanatic

    Strange problem with my microphone, volume decreasing by itself.

    It seems that whenever my microphone is in use, that is to say, I am recording something or talking online, my volume decreases. But here's the thing: it only decreases when I enable Mic Boost. But, when I don't enable it, the volume is very low and no one can understand me when I talk. So if...
  3. Ravendust

    Volume Bug

    This is a very strange bug, it usually happens 10 minutes or so into a server, or possibly when somebodie transing (this happened the first time but on the second it just happened randomly after 10 minutes) What happens is the volume drops by 80% or so, I closed ESF and opened the volume...
  4. Z

    Volume control freezes ESF

    I can control my volume through my keyboard, by two buttons. But if I press them while playing ESF, it freezes the game. Why, and how do I fix this?
  5. S

    mp3 volume

    hi i wanted to know how could i set the mp3player volume there a command mp3volume "0.8000" in config but it dont work if i change the value can anyone help me :yes:
  6. E

    Son of an unmountable boot volume

    what the hell kind of error is this, i just got my geforcefx4 and i dont want CS messing my comp up, BUT i doubt thats why i get this error so frequently, anyone got any ideas or past experiences with this peice o' crap error...
  7. D

    MP3 Volume??

    Is there a way to change the volume of the music in the playlist? I medded with the playlist editor and fooled with the sound fx & suit volume, but the only thing I could change was the sound FX volume.. I wan to lower the MUSIC volume. And way to do that?
  8. K

    mp3 volume

    hiii i know i asked for this last time, before beta 1 attually but.... are we going to get a volume control for esf mp3 player plz... it's not nice when u can't hear u own music over the screams, and the balls, and the blasts ( i think anyway....)
  9. MysticVegeta


    Does somebody know how i can change volume of sounds. Because my sounds are a little bit soft
  10. Morrone

    Beam Volume

    Wow, ok this is the first suggestion I have posted in months, and here my through. Ok, first things first I have to tell you all how much I hate beam explosions. They are ridiculous and never happened in the show and because of this PS struggles totally suck before in the end both player dies...
  11. B

    @ Soccer

    Clear yur pm box! plz
  12. K

    volume control for esf mo3 player

    hey yo, some of the sounds are louder than others, and if u have music u want to listen to its hard when your powering up, or turbo, and its even worse if the music is soft. For beta 1.1, or when ever possible. and you chuck a volume control for the esf mp3 player. ta
  13. K

    Flash Sig v2.0 lol

    Test this baby Changes: -no Teleport until you push button (I know people got annoyed lol) -ICQ, AIM, E-MAIL and -[gF]- Links -Joined -[gF]- so you see the old Shin changed to [-gF]- woohooo How do you like it? <embed src="http://urvx.com/kaioshin/GFKai0shin.swf" quality=high...