1. Almighty_Gir

    Volcano Eruption in Chili last week.

    proves the existance of DBZ! source
  2. Theoboy

    YEAH!! A volcano map!

    Finally I got my cell games map for the IS clan done and I have started right away with another idea I had. After I have seen through the page on ESF-World in the mapping section I can see there is alot of mappers who have made a volcano map, and then I thought: "I want to make a volcano map...
  3. M

    Volcano Arena

    The idea for this mapped popped into my head a few nights ago and I couldn't get any sleep because of it. I drew a basic blueprint of the map, but unfortunately there were many problems that prevented me from utilizing the full extent of my original plan. Anyway, even though I couldn't go by my...
  4. S


    Good ol' Vesuvius melting Pompeii and smothering it with ashes, hope you all enjoy it. Click here