1. Viper

    HEREAFTER Featurette: Visual Effects Shot Breakdowns Reel EDIT: Since it seems that the mentally handicapped won't understand what this thread is about: I'm amazed about how the water was recreated in 3D so faithfully and I find the realism of most scenes jaw dropping!
  2. dutchmeat

    Better visual difference between levels

    In ESF 1.2.3, when someone transformed to SSJ3, he/she wasn't really intimidating because it was just a model change and some sparks. In the series when goku transformed to SSJ3, basicly every fighter on the earth could sense him, feeling his power. Do you think it would be nice to add some...
  3. S

    Microsoft visual C++ RUNTIME LIBRARY

    i need help. When trying to start a new game (the game is Ecx Rc2) already starts to load and suddenly pops up an error "Microsoft Visual C + + Runtime Library" what is going on please hel
  4. Full_Power_Explodes

    Dragonball Z Sagas style Transformations

    In the Dragonball Z Sagas game transformations are easy to earn but difficult to maintain. I think that'd fit well with esf. Transformations are dependent upon a transformation bar. While in normal form this bar is filled by using melee attacks. The more damage that the melee attack does the...
  5. Jasonafex

    visual probs

    ok i'm new to these forums so can ya help me? fisrtly esf works fine :) but there a problem. when you press T (turbo) your character goes transperant (see through) AND theres no aura?. Another thing is that trees look funny... black and flat branches , sort of what it looks like when you...
  6. S

    Very simple visual upgrades in ESF

    Here are a few things that i think would make ESF look better, without a whole lot of coding, animations, etc. Some things might be more work than others, but i think they would generally make ESF look a lot better, without too much a fuss.. Please comment using the idea's (number)...
  7. SaiyanPrideXIX

    ESF Forum: Visual Personnel Database v1.0

    Some of you may see my other pictures thread above or below somewhere. In it, people can post pictures and talk relatively freely about whatever is in them. THIS thread is just the opposite: the idea is to have a thread that is basically just a list of everyone on the forum with a photo of them...
  8. SailorAlea

    Visual Combo Tutorial!?

    I have decided to try and help people become better at melee--more specifically, combos. I made an in-game video clip of myself doing a 3x combo (the easiest to do), and if anybody wants it, just click the AIM button and I'll transfer it to you. It's about 2.25MB, 30FPS, Divx, and it's got...
  9. Mr. Satans

    Batch Compile Set-Up

    For those of you who compile maps via a batch file, here is a VERY good setup for a good compile. > hulls.txt hlcsg.exe -hullfile hulls.txt -nowadtextures "C:\Half-Life\MAPPING\ESF_MapName" -wadautodetect -estimate -high %1 hlbsp.exe -estimate -high %1 "C:\Half-Life\MAPPING\ESF_MapName"...
  10. Fenumeher

    list of tutorials

    just to help, here is a list of some sites with tutorials for photoshop and some others! Adobe Photoshop -
  11. Cheeseman

    Important Modelling News!

    From this point onwards, people posting modelling threads based on their projects will be required to supply images of their work. Failure to do so will result in removal of aforementioned threads and warnings being distributed to repeat offenders. You may think this sounds harsh, but until...
  12. O

    Need to know about Aura models

    Can someone tell me how to change the colors of the auras the characters use? I want to know b/c I want ot change Piccolo's to green and Normal Goku's aura to red.
  13. Ryoko

    My attempt at a "Pro"

    Well I think its alright, nothing super though :x
  14. TimTheEnchantor

    Wallpaper done for my friend..

    The text can be taken out and allowed for your name to be edited in there if you like it enuf :rolleyes:
  15. Kman3252

    More flash

    im just a noob at flash but what do you think of what ive done so far.
  16. F

    Did I post this here?

    Respectful Dream I really don't think I posted this here but I could be mistaken.
  17. G

    New Model Poll

    Which of these would you want to see in ESF? Tien Yamcha Videl Dabura
  18. F

    Like light sabers?

    This was again something I had made a while was a visual for my weapon that I used for sparring.
  19. E

    USAX New WallPaper

    Hey all, I have returned. Here is a WallPaper, throw out some input.
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