1. PiXel

    FF7:DoC Vice

    uhm no words exept, i suck, i had for a long time no modeling exercise and im actually totaly bored of modeling. And credits to Bruno Mera for the refs he drew me! <3! for some who dunno wo he is:
  2. X

    Chun Li vs. Vice

    Alright, who do you think would win? (Falcoon Art owns...) I vote for Vice, here are my reasons... Considering her past, she is an Orochi. And she is more powerful than Chun Li as far as strength goes. But hey, just cause she has power doesn't mean she is slow. Her Outrage (Her...
  3. dudeman

    about that vice city crack

    i see that post was closed because its warez.. allow me to point out that no-cd fixed EXE's are NOT warez, you are allowed to have em as long as you own a legal copy of the original game. off course, we all know what people really use em for, but its not nessesari to close the threads on...
  4. owa

    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Help

    Hey, I got a PS2 plus this game and Code Veronica X on the weekend and I've been playing it nonstop, anywho I'm on Deathrow mission where you save Lance Vance, well I just can't beat it, I tried everything, anyoen got some tips for me? or maybe tips for missiosn yet to come.
  5. owa

    Gta: Vice City, Run Down.

    Hey, I'm slightly depressed lol, I just spent 2 hours, plus Defragmenting time, Trying to clean up my computer and get rid of all my junk, so I could play games again, my comp is really messed up. But I tried to play Starcraft a min ago and it died out on me, so my efforts were in vain...
  6. Sonic the Vampire

    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

    I just got this thing a couple of days ago and I'm 50 percent finished with it already... not to say that it wont take me weeks to get it up to 100% or anything, with so many hidden and bonus missions to deal with. Talk about replay value! This is the best game I've spent my money on in a...
  7. K

    GTA vice

    How Far hav u guys gotten?
  8. F

    Mr Smo

    Can someone answer me something? I see all these wonderful and amazing models and I think to myself....these are fine and dandy but are they able to replace models in ESF or are they just made for us to look at??!?!?!?
  9. Optimus Prime

    I just bought vice city!

    I bought it on my break at work, took a little walk to Microplay to pick up a copy, and I just got home too, so I'm excited yea yea! *edit* Wow, this game was everything it was cracked up to be! I mean, the cars, the bikes! the GOLF CARTS! I love it, the mini RC helicopter, it's all just too...
  10. Kuyuaga

    Anyone got vice city yet?

    Long time no post....erm..yeah...I was just wondering if any of the american members on this board have the latest GTA game. Is it any good? or is it just the same as GTA 3?
  11. L

    Grand Theft Auto : Vice City

    I dunno if anyone else is getting this game but i'm litterally can't F**king wait. I've bene following this since E3 and my god it just seems to get betters and better and better. For those who are looking to check out some more check out then go to there movies section just...
  12. Hsu

    Vice City!!! GO NOW!! INGAME MOVIES!!!! MOTORCYCLES!!!!!! BRAIN OVERLOAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. D

    My krilin skin!

    Hi, I'm not new here or anything..... I've been with the oldest of the team. Before they were even esforces, they were power-up. Well anyhow wanted to know if anyone could give me lesson or 2 on how to do the clothing.... and yes i know about . This is what i've done...
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