1. F

    Wuts the difference between worldcraft and vhe??

    they both look the same to me, but there must be a difference, which is better? i have wc 3.3 where can i get updates and shtuff??
  2. TAz00

    harSens updated FGD, with model rendering for VHE 3.5b

    Ok me and Mr. Satan edited the Fgd to make it display models with the 3.5b. Actually he did the code, and i fixed it :laff: Come to think of it that code was quite long... So heres a file for u TMS_ESF.FGD Right click save as is most effective here...
  3. Yazuken

    Adding sensu beans

    How do you add sensu beans to ur esf maps?
  4. mysticssjgoku4

    Creating A cone

    how can i create a cone for the top of a pillar with vhe?