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    Question for veteran 3D modelers and skinners

    What software is good to use for creating 3D models and skinning? I'd like to get into creating models, and figured I could get a few points in the right direction here.
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    Hipe!I am a veteran gamer...

    HI I am new in this forums and I need some skins or a program to create skins for earth special forces.... If you know me you would know my game Neo-Little fighter 2!
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    Having Trouble ESF VETERAN

    I was one of the first guys to play ESF when it came out back in the day back in HL 1. whatever, I used to play Bid for Power too, anyway, I just decided to start playing again, and am now a steam user, I downloaded the 1.2.3 full install, and i can't get it to install, no folder i select is...