1. M

    Cleaning Up Vertexs In Max

    What is the tool to do this again? It merges vertexs that are close together. Can anyone help here? Thanks
  2. J

    Snaping vertexs

    Im a noob in 3d studio max and i just have a little quick question. How do you snap vertexes together?
  3. DaKD

    Radditz Update

    heres a pic of my current work (note that isnt the final hair its just to show u its radditz not vegeta!!!) o yea btw this is not a box modeled model either its like my 3rd one made with verts and faces so it kinda sux. also im going to get a better rendering prog soon so i can show my...
  4. G

    The head of a model

    Should I make my own head poly by poly, or alter a sphere or geosphere??? Please respond I would really like to know.
  5. Gogeta

    Modeling Help!

    Just like |-MF-|Gogeta, I also need help with milkshape3D, i need a complete tutorial of everything so i can make models for ESF and Counter-Strike. This seems compicated, but I want to learn how to do this. -Thanks [email protected]
  6. S

    (For the guy who wanted to make domes) Carving... pssshh!

    *EDIT* Sorry this was supposed to go under the guy who wanted to know how to make a domes thread but I hit the wrong post button! If a moderator could move it I woulc appreciate it... Carving hore =D Domes are easy... Simply make an arch with 360 degrees and oh say 25 sides then grab the...
  7. D

    plz help me

    i was trying to make a map for esf, i was going to make The Other World Tornement arena (where goku fight's piccon just befor the sayaman saga) i thought it would be pretty cool with the stadium below and little planets above (if youve seen it its pretty cool). so heres my prob; is there a...