1. M

    Some council for tool vertex?

    well The subject is that when manipulating a object to give him different form to the hour of compile inform me that there was an error.. By this cuestion i have problems to now when its ok the object and the texture, if somebody can me give a council, i thanks for that.:(
  2. Morvin

    Vertex edit...

    Well... I have been editing a model as i like, taking some stuff and replacing on it. I've learned about modelling on this days so I have been trying to replace the current hair for the hair of the kreshi ssj3 Goku model that i like a lot... But the problem is that the form of the vertex are...
  3. Booler

    Milkshape Vertex (big) problem

    moin i have a ****ty problem and i cant find any answer for it :x after i done some test animations for my lbz freeza model i exported them from c4d as fbx and imported them in ms3d everything works fine. BUT! after i exporter the...
  4. J

    huh won't let me edit the vertex's

    this is weird coz i was following mad mxman's tutorial and then i saved it. And then i came bk the next day to finish it but now i can't edit the vertex's of my model!!! :shocked: what do i do???? plz i wanna finish my model! EDIT: and i am using 3ds max But when i try to edit a...
  5. D

    Where shall i set vertex and faces?

    Well... I just finished the modelling tutorial some days ago, and i try start at the back. But something i dont get... Where shall i set vertex? And how shall i make faces? I know how to.. but i just wanna know how you know where you shall sit it. Hope you can explain it.
  6. D

    Black Models (Tried Reverse Vertex, not workin)

    Alright folks, what the hell is goin on with the damn MilkShape of mine. I'm new in model design, but still got some common sense. I've read the tutorials on ESF-World and the one in this forum, but the damn Reverse Vertex Order just doesn't work, all it does is that it just changes to an...
  7. V

    Vertex limit

    i've heard something that in esf there existing a vertex limit .that is 8000 , if you your model will have more than 8000 vertex's than esf will run slowly. is this true?if it is , than tell me more about this , please :)
  8. blackplague

    Mapping help, and some questions

    I need a mountain turrain for my map, its called esf_rivals, and its coming out good, and i also need a big lake, if anyone can help, please post... and whats the model name for the trees? my question, how do u make the map so lighty? i've tried everything and it still wont light up...
  9. N

    Vash model?

    has anyone ever thought of makin a vash model? I'm supprised there isn't one out right now... bein so many vash fans and all :laff:
  10. PiXel

    new maps from the clan and we havn`t got a picture about mj_namektournament here is our side :rolleyes: at there u can downloaded...
  11. Vashusa

    .MD3 to .SMD

    i need help with my milkshape. i'm trying to turn a md3 file to an smd file with no success. if someone knows how can u plz tell me.
  12. S


    How do i make mountains and stuff with hammer. those mountains just like in esf maps. :confused:
  13. catfish

    Best method for carving

    What are opinions on the best methods to use when carving? Currently I want to create a pillar type object in my map. I've approached it by firstly creating a large tall block solid and carving away at its sides to shape it into a circular-ish (big rock pillar is not an exact circle anyway)...
  14. S

    ok new mapper needs some help with stuff!

    ok i have been working o na map all day and was wondering how to cut stuff out because i have made some thing that needs hole or openings so people can goinside any help? ps am using valve hammer editor! ok heres the problem (got some pics to help) i need the hole bit curcledinand...
  15. Optional

    Pulling hair out of my head!

    OK, I just thought up of something really cool to make with Valve Hammer! It requires vertex manipulation, right? OK, I make a block. Then, I barely move it up and boom! Invalid Solid Structure error! I do a fix and it moves it like 50 ft. away from where the hell I wanted it! Gah, it's so...
  16. M

    Need help from a good modeler!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ok i have a model and when i try to export there come a messege "found vertex with invalid bone assignement" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know i have to assign the model with the bones but i cant im not good enough :cry: So if there is a modeler that can do it for me !!!!!!!!!! Please give...
  17. M

    Can someone help

    Ok i try do do some remodeling can someone tell me how i combinate two models like Vegettos body and vegetas arms or something else he always showed me a problem with the skeleton it so i cant import two smd s with skeleton and when i import one without he cant export because of everything like...
  18. M


    Well our clan i about to release their first map it Supremekai planet not during the fight with Kid Buu but Before Gohan was there with a lake in the middle of the lake a peeked mountain with the Z-sword it it and some more eye candy i will post reference pics as soon as possible and soon after...
  19. M

    Buu map?

    Whoa it would be cool if someone did ESF_buuinards map. Funny if you ask me. I hope after someone reads this post they would maybe want to make this map.
  20. S

    Mapping problem

    I believe this has something to do with the hull file (considering thats what the error says). Anyways, let me explain the problem. Basically when I compile my map, I get a hull error, and when you join the map, its like everywhere is water. When I look up, the entire sky is one big leak, but...