1. Deathshot

    Project Versus J

    Hmmm I hope it turns out like the old Shonen Jump Versus games.
  2. Damaera

    Final Fantasy XIII & Final Versus Fantasy XIII trailers out! These trailers look great, but are we looking at two 24 hours games?
  3. Rocky

    Vista versus XP

    This is sorta tied in with my other thread but I think spun off enough to deserve its own topic. Anyway, when I get my new PC I need to also get a licensed OS as unlicensed XP sucks now (lack of updates makes me sad). So I'm really torn on what to buy between XP and Vista. On one hand Vista...
  4. Optimus Prime

    SSJ4 Goku versus...

  5. Deathshot

    Character Versus Thread

    What would be your Dream Character Fight ? Hmmm I would Love to see Solid Snake Versus Master Cheif. Maybe, Megaman Versus Kirby .... which they would both have the powers to take powers...
  6. U

    The -whoever- versus -whatever- thread...

    which one stronger? I'd said gohan..he wasnt even try all the time until he went ssj2, and cell had already use almost his full strangth to knock gohan dawn! but Gohan still didnt take much wound! otherwise Goku used his full power in the battle but he still beaten all the time...
  7. D.Anderson

    Aliens Versus Predator

    Today 13th August , is the release date of Avp the movie , . What do you think about this movie , i would just like to hear the people's rating about some things in the movie : 1)Graphics / characters designe 2)Place where the action takes place 3)Story 4)The...
  8. V

    Animation Pr0gZ

    Hey what are some good animation progs out there so I can do a alittle tweakin of my own.. I looked at the sticky for milkshape and that didnt say NE thing about animation support. ~RAGE
  9. P

    Pete needs a sig

    If anybody has some time i would appreciate a sig Either non ssj vegita(first fight versus goku) or hercule. with my name on there and my clan name ( Its All About Pete) IAAP, and i guess my icq number also 14065240 thanks in advance
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