1. L

    A question about versions

    Well, I like alot ESF. But i'm confused. What's the lastest version?Where i can get patchs for that version? Well, Thanks.
  2. D

    I am confused about the versions...

    Something that has been bugging more for ages and I hope to clear it up once and for all... In the files section, there are two different ESFs, the 1.2.3 one and the final beta one. WHICH ONE is the latest one? Or atleast which one is the one everyone is playing? I'm under the impression...
  3. XenonFORT

    ESF Archive: Anyone still have those versions that have gone from internet

    Hi there, since I registered here, I was searching for the ESF Archive (ESF versions that are outdated) because I wanted to remember old times. I have searched on almost all places where it can be hosted in the internet, and I only finded the 2 last Alphas, and some old bots for beta 1.0...
  4. M

    Versions of Half-Life

    Would Half-Life Blue Shift or Half-Life: Game of the Year edition work with ESF?
  5. Barney

    Gaara Sig - Many Versions

  6. Zeonix

    Dash Effect for Future Versions

    When using Dash/traveling at high speeds, there should be a motion blur. This idea originated from someone else, and was supposed to affect people being hit (after you were hit, the screen would become blurry to emulate high speeds). Because dash is now in the game, and is basically a sprint, I...
  7. Ashur

    Does esf 1.3 beta recuire previus versions?

    just a simple question and plz reply as fast as possible?
  8. Mccdbz5

    3 versions of Dragon Ball Z compared

    Take a look at this video: It compares three different versions of Dragon Ball Z. The Japanese one first, then the U.S. one, and then the Canadian one (I think, or the U.K. one). I think it's really cool when you get to compare probably the best...
  9. Z

    Older ESF Versions

    I m actually looking for a OLDER ESF Version that can be played without steam , wich allready includes the meele and the combos can someone please tell me wich that is ;) thanks :D
  10. O

    More things in the later versions

    I know you're currently working on it and adding more people and things. But here's a list of people I'd like to see with some of their transformations and possibly moves as well if I know them, heh :) (other people, feel free to add yours) Brolly (SSJ, Legendary Super Saiyan, Blaster...
  11. Blademaster

    3ds max versions

    if i have 3ds max 7 can i do the stuff on 3ds max 5?? so if im using 3ds max 7 and i get a tutorial for 3ds max 5 would it work??
  12. R

    esf 1.2.2 crashes like 1.1 and 1.2 versions

    ok,firs of all i have latest esf version (1.2.2), but I cant play it because then I start the game and atack bot the game crashes ;( and i cant do anything. I dont have any problems playing cs1.6 or hl. My computer: AMD Atlon XP 1600+, GForce2 Ti, 1.28GB or RAM, SB Audigy. p.s. sorry for my...
  13. Tassadar

    Next XBox to come in... 3 versions?

    Insanity. XBox PC, who knew. I'm glad they decided to include a version with the HD.
  14. imported_EVIL_GOKU

    The new ESF versions

    Wazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzup!!! I want 2 ask the team wath are there plans 4 now on the new ESF versions that will apear.....
  15. S

    2 versions?

    I know i know, this wont happen but i thought i'd be best to suggest it. i'm a 1.1 fan always been as many others out there, and i came up with an idea a while ago it goes like this: Right instead of having the 1.2 version only you could (Not demanding or whatever i'm just here to suggest...
  16. A


    somebody can say me how many versions of esf are??i think they are 1.0,1.1,1.2,1.2.1 arent they??
  17. N

    Questions About the Next Version(s)

    Will there be an anti-cheat system within the code? Such as VAC or even Cheating-Death somehow? Will Ascended forms be slower within each transformation or will you continue to keep growing in speed, IE Goku 100 Speed SSj 180 SSj2 220? or would it increase by 80 again? Will there ever be...
  18. R

    things you want in next versions

    this thread is about moves and characters taht you think should be in(suggest) then give a good reason and other crap i think captain ginyu should be a character and some of ginyu force jece and berter yay anyway i think id be cool and capt ginyu could use body chang laser but takes a long...
  19. Punio4

    Differences between CS versions

    Ok, i've got a downloaded version of cs retail 1.000 and i have downloaded a patch 1.005 full install. Everything is working great. Except the fact i cannot play online Now i'm all lost between cs 1.6, cs condition zero, cs steam version, what are the differences between them, do they all...
  20. D

    trans style for later versions

    with transforming could this ever happen? Example Goku 1)push ascend(default z) normally=instant trans power times 1.2 2)hold Z for 1 second=very Quick trans (1 second) but not instant power times 1.3 3)hold Z for 2 seconds=quick trans (2 seconds) power mutiply 1.5 4)hold Z for 3...