1. A

    Eeep - Version 1.1 patch

    i downloaded esf beat 1.0, installed it, then downloaded esf 1.1 patch i dont care about it workin with steam or anything its jsut that when i open the install file it come up with an error esfbeta11patch.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience...
  2. O

    i need a working version of DMZ

    could sum 1 send me a working version of DMZ or a link to a site where i could download it plz!!!!
  3. I

    SOS screenshots (made 5minutes ago) from the early leaked alpha version enjoy them until we can play the beta version :) it was made in micardis early kamislookout map you can see Cctrunks, Armortrunks and Armor vegeta...if you guys want i can make some other pic
  4. CyroTek

    hud version 1

    well...i made a hud.... screen dunno if its any good...but i like it :) -Bio][Azrael btw...about the "where to find files" sticky...gues u should update it....cause the link to rs is pretty senseless.... ;)
  5. B

    Where can i download the full version of quake 3?

    Does anybody know where to download the full version of quake3: arena. if you could give the website, that would be great. Thanks for your time.
  6. S

    Protocol version error...with latest version?

    Well...I had a really long in depth post...but I lost the page...long story short: I'm running on STEAM, I have ESF v 1.1, Half-life (so says file properties anyway) , Counterstrike (same as HL...) Through steam, I can find maybe...four servers tops with a very small amount...
  7. H

    wrong protocol version

    i just downloaded esf 1.1 beta and i tried all the servers but i got a cant connect to a server with a different protocol version error can anyone help me? :S
  8. G

    When is the next esf version released?

    Iam dying to play the next version,dont know when it gets out but i been waiting for so feels like its been a iternity. Its been a pleasure seeing this mod growing into this fabolous mod it is now,in the first version the melee was a joke but it has grown into such a anooying thing when...
  9. E

    Great ideas for new version

    hi everybody, i'm new here so please don't yell at me or something... i have a few ideas for new models. i'll get right to the point. i've seen all the models of ESF and i think most of 'em are awesome but some models lack good stuff. here's how it goes to me: 1. Normal Goku = great, nice...
  10. Tassadar

    Knights of the Old Republic PC Version and Underground

    So yeah.. only two games I bought this year end up being the most fun. Where should I start... KOTOR. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic PC Knights of the Old Republic for the PC is much, much better (thats right, eat it console fanboys). Graphics, gameplay and everything. As I...
  11. God Gundam

    GT chibi goku Version 2.0 O_o

    hey all, well kama and i are in final stretch of the model and skin, lol after a few weeks, but ya its lookin good. this one will have a ssj form instead of a ssj3 and a few new sounds that werent with the old sound pack. the different faces are what kamas experimenting with so enjoy that expression
  12. K

    New Version

    What must the editors still do until the next version is ready by example tune the models, new attacks stuff like that???
  13. ssj_perfect

    wanta change few things in my version of esf

    i only play esf thru lan with my friends - i was wondering how do u modifiy the starting power levels ?
  14. D

    How to get your esf version updated

    How in the world do I get esf to udate? It used to update by itself through steam, but I had to reinstall steam because it got all wacked out. Now ESF won't update. [SIZE=4]I NEED TO UPDATE TO SEE THE NEW MELEE SYSTEM!! HELP PLEASE![/SIZE] :cry:
  15. G

    hey, will you be able to use old style melee on the new version?

    will you be able to still use the melee on version 1.1 on the new version with this auto-punching and stuff?
  16. bapplebo

    Think about Version 1

    Ok, here's something i was thinking about the other day. If ESF will have all these great things in version beta 1.2, then imagine what it would have in version 1, no betas, no alphas. It might not happen, it might happen, but just imagine. hmmm. im thinking what we might have. The new melee...
  17. Haim

    When the new version of ESF comes out?

    :) Im waiting a very long time to the new verstion to relese... i really want to see it... and the screen shoots are making me more to want to see the real game.... please finish it fast :laff: ;)
  18. CS-LAND

    Bugs in map solution here | New version suggestion

    Um, maybe this was said before, maybe not. You know, when the player reaches the side, bottom or top of the map it can view through the walls, etc. The solution is to add an invisibile wall to the top and sides of the map. The mappers should know what I'm talking about. Ok, that was for the...
  19. K

    When is version 1.2 beta going to be released

    Can someone tell me
  20. S

    Protocol version

    When i try and connect to a sever it says You cant connect to someone with a different protocol version (i have version 1005) so i tryed joining a room called version 1005 and it said the same thing, is it beacuse i have the newer bots?