1. nikolassj

    Something funny...Help me verify HL1~

    Well yesterday an good friend of mine gifted me Half-Life. We played DBO together and stuff but nvm that's not important~~ I can't verify it. I linked my account but when i click the verify button i get: And the second time i got: And i can't post in "Help & Support" forum because my...
  2. N

    how do i verify my half life?

  3. Bones

    Unable to Verify

    So I'm brand new to ESF and I'm trying to verify my Steam account and prove I own HL1. But it's not working? It keeps telling me I don't own it when I know for a fact I do. Really confused :s This is my Steam profile, which I've logged into and linked to my forum account. You can see if you go...
  4. C

    Help i cant verify my account

    i know this is the wrong forum but i cant post in that one :P duh because i cant verify so i click this link and it says VHost Not Found The VHost you requested doesn't exist. so.... yeah