1. Mous4u

    Who Is Stronger Veggeto Or Gogeta?

    who is stronger is it Veggeto Or Gogeta or are they exactly equal?
  2. Mous4u

    How do i Do Portoa Fusion : Veggeto Please Help!

    Ok i got two Potora Earings My Powerlevel is 13mil and i'm vegeta i do it but then i just throw it Away from me and nothing happend. what do i do.someone please help me!
  3. Suh Dude

    [WIP] Veggeto

    Now, who said I'd ever stop skinning? Well, I guess never. I've been practicing when I had the chance and I'd like to show you guys. C&C is greatly appreciated. Edit: I messed up the buttocks area, but hopefull I can fix it. ;O
  4. S

    Super Veggeto PLZ READ

    Super Veggeto u are by far the best modeler here.i always liked ur models especially the goku and gohan one! i just want to know if u will be releasing them for ESF1.2 PLZ SAY YES :) take care- PS-im a forum newb but no 1 brung this up ever. i just wanted to find out kthx
  5. P

    what place does veggeto take

    do u know what plae veggeto take cus i tryed everybody and i dont know who cus 1 of there moves are messed up :no: :confused:
  6. CM

    Veggeto (WIP)

    Credits to ned for his amazingly amazing model. this will be in no way released to the public, or infact anyone (even u iceman :) ) because i would get in trouble. there is however, no rule against keeping it to myself as far as i know.
  7. G

    The Impossible Is Possible!?

    O_O Ya bow to me BOW TO ME! lol they will not be released there just for you to admire my two little friends here :fight:
  8. D

    have someone an vegetto fore me

    help have someone an veggeto fore me
  9. S

    Volcanic Goku

    I made a volcanic goku check this site for pics i made a ssj1 and ssj3 what do you think ? post some critz plz If you people like it then ill release :] !!!Credits!!! Mr.Smo : model , skin , animations I edited the skin
  10. B

    can ani give a veggeto model?

  11. Messiah Daz

    Im Back And Ready To Go!

    Yep Im back into mapping. Im sure my old friend Dj-Ready will be there to help like he used to. I need some ideas on a map to make. I am thinking of my own city version? Well cmon people IDEAS!
  12. SpriGGan

    1.1 Model downloads

    hey sup guys right dont mean to be a noob but are there any 1.1 models avaible for download yet? i checked red saiyen dont think there 1.1 compatable im more consernd on finding trunks ,vegeta ,goku and buu skins any help most welcome cheers guys
  13. V

    Elemental Fusion Animations - Veggeto

    You need DivX 5 to view them. Model + Skin = Neds...:laff: Run = Idle = Beam shoot = (slight clipping is being fixed atm)...
  14. V

    Ned's Veggeto model

    I had some questions for ned about his model : 1. Who will it replace 2. Are you planning on doing animations for it? 3. This isnt really a question but I wanted to say sorry for my sig with him in it, I just like your model so much.
  15. HyperSaiyaman

    Give me your opinion (without laughing)

    i founf this on the net what do u think? the *** means G . A . Y
  16. D

    veggeto skinned

    Hi i skinned the veggeto model of ned. i used it for practising
  17. B


    Hi all im working on vegetto he looks good but i need a god skinner ! he need a better skin :( Help he need a little reskin and remodel pm me
  18. S

    Veggeto model

    he can someone make me a Veggeto model or give me a link i can download one.
  19. N

    Veggeto art?......

    I couldn't help myself........I'm sorry guys I thaught this was a good picture after i got done with it but i know the coloring is off and the eyes look really wierd...Sorry, Sorry, Sorry,Sorry,Sorry,Sorrrrrrrrry!!!! But now to prisent my feture of...
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