1. dbzrogue

    Vector Thrust - June 20 Anyone looking forward to this? Those who don't know what this is, its similar to the Ace Combat series, except that its meant to be completely customizable, allowing people to create their own campaigns, aircraft, stuff like that. GOD I AM HYPED FOR...
  2. Growler

    Vector WIP

    2nd Vector [WIP].. got the hang of the necessary PEN tool C+C
  3. Growler

    Adobe Illustrator Help (Vector Art)

    I want to do some vector art on my friend's image. Im really familiar with Adobe PS (Elements) but not with AI. This is the one I did in PS, but It took tons of time and all in all, the result wasn't that great. I want to lines smoother, instead of so choppy; so this is why I want to work on...
  4. Growler

    Vector Artwork WIP

    this is my first Vector art piece (WIP). I don't have illustrator or any of that stuff, so i had to do all the vectors by hand in CS elements. C+C/Drawovers appreciated :)
  5. VivaLaPineapple

    newest vector wall

    o couldnt get her eyes right
  6. Es_Trunks2

    Vector Cooper

    I tried some vector art today, took me 4 hours to do. Any advice/help would be nice, thanks much. All done with the Pen tools, no filters, blurs, brushes, anything. First try. Enjoy. Link: Vector Mini Cooper (If i'm creating too many topics just tell me so, thanks again)
  7. B

    First Vector.

    was trying to find something simple, star things look eck, but whatever.
  8. Alteh

    Vector w.i.p

    Been working on this for alittle while in need of some tips and comments on what to add or not. Done in photoshop and Illustrator.
  9. bapplebo

    Vector Drawing

    Are there any free programs that can vector draw? I currently have a 30-day trial of Mayura Draw. Thanks.
  10. VivaLaPineapple

    Vector art

    although ive used the program before, i despise illustrator. illustrator can create some of the most beautiful works u ever seen but the learning curve is a *****. any enough of my semi rant. all done in illustrator and tedius as a mother farker.
  11. TimTheEnchantor

    Alien Odor Killer!

    Voila, no grunge in it. All vector.
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