1. SandMan

    Val Eska's drawing

    ok well Val Eska said anyone could color this picture HE drew, so I took a attempt at it, its pretty much the first time I've ever tried to color a line art :talk: but anyways here it is and give me 1/10 and some crits please :D
  2. G

    Happy bday Val!! O_O

    OMGOSH Valk's bday today omgomgogmg *cybars*
  3. S

    I'm in awe of you Vassago

    Vassago I am in awe of your modeling/skinning abilities. Also is there any chance the next release will be coming soon? I know it's tough work and I'm not trying to rush everyone just curious... well that's it. :\ I just wish I could model. Visit my homepage:p
  4. Hibiki


    hey whats up vals hasnt been up for days? what gives? there like the only good servers...... :(