1. X

    {)V(}ajin Forums Up!

    I went over the rules and I don't remember seeing anything about not being allowed to post the uniform request location*aka url* of your clan's forums. but if I am wrong then delete this thread and let me know about it. So here it is. The {)V(}ajin clan which I used to be leader of now has...
  2. S

    ]V[ajin Vegeta sound pack ???

    i need a majin vegeta sound pack that has transformation sounds....lpease i have searched the other treads and i didnt find any majin vegeta packs
  3. V

    ]V[ajin ]V[ick is a hacker...

    ]V[ajin ]V[ick is a hacker.... he had over 15 usernames on the ESF forums, 13 of them were banned. He also "claimed" to have a leaked beta, which was utter jedi poo (oh and hibiki, i fixed up my post count for you) :p
  4. Ecchi Pr0n

    ATTENSION ]V[ajin will now be something i pick later after a long poll and discusion

    yah im changging my name to something else ohh i voted for cheese just to keep it fair post and poll what you feel
  5. Ecchi Pr0n

    help ]V[ajin make a map

    in this post i will ask you guys questions and if you know the anserw tell it how do i make things be able to be destructable
  6. Ecchi Pr0n

    ]V[ajin }V{ajin and any else way you spell it

    go reregister because you are all copying me i was the first forum goer that is still here to use the ]V[,}V{,|V|,or _}V{_ change your name even if you have somthing else at the end why dont you take }V{ajin out and keep whats nxt ok you guys are copying me and its gettin sad for you guys...