1. R

    fmod.dll and VAC

    Hello community! So, just for security reasons, this dll in half-life folder can cause some problems with Valve Anti-Cheat:confused: Because i know, vac bans by modifying core dll and exe files. Some mods like Paranoia cause bans by modified opengl32.dll that comes. And yes... I own a legal...
  2. Basslover722

    VAC. mY freind can't get in.

    HI im doing this for my friend he can't seem to get into vac. servers. Can oyu please help him out by telling me what to do. I remeber i use to not be ableto get on them but i downloaded the patch and then i could.
  3. TaGmAn

    VAC Secured temp server

    ok, i like to host my own game but no one ever comes, i have low ping in US, but i think its because ts not VAC secured (im not sure cause no-1 has ever joined so that i could check) HOW do i change this so that my temp server is VAC secured? thx
  4. N

    VAC + ESF + Linux

    Hail guys, I got two accounts, one with everything, and other with Half-Life1 and ESF. After a couple of hours I got it working with my Linux Slackware 10.1. Well, its a clean install, I was playing arround, logged-off and when I tried play again in any server the steam said something about I...