1. Mr.Lukyas

    This or that v2.0

    Pick one. Oh, you know what to do already... Rape or get raped.
  2. G

    ok so i did that v2.0 thing now what?

    ok so i saw another thread thing that said do the v s.0 thing to fix keyboard. so i did. but i still dont have a keyboard thing in options. this is what i did. i went here http://www.anime-xg.com/media/pafiledb.php?action=category&id=24 and downloaded v2.0 then i got the thing on me comp. i...
  3. S

    ESF, Steam, and the ESF Steam Pack v2.0

    ESF, Steam, and the ESF Steam Pack v2.0... i have steam, i have d/l ESF and i have the patch... now with steam i know i have to install my files to "x:/program files/steam/steamapps/[email protected]/half-life" for it to work... which i did to install ESF... but i had lots of bugs and problems...
  4. VivaLaPineapple

    earth effex v2.0

    http://www.deviantart.com/view/4077921/ comments and critz. and yes ive used the image before this is a remake with a couple tweeks
  5. S

    Vegeta RedSayian V2.0

    How do you like him im not taking any critz cause have worked on him a long FREAKING TIME ok mabye about 5 or 6 days and i need a host for it. Credits: the guy who made vegeta, me
  6. X

    Balancing out Transformations and Attacks v2.0

    Im still working on a list for for Power Level gains on all of their Transformation so in the end they all end up getting Equal or Stronger than the next person.
  7. K

    Flash Sig v2.0 lol

    Test this baby Changes: -no Teleport until you push button (I know people got annoyed lol) -ICQ, AIM, E-MAIL and -[gF]- Links -Joined -[gF]- so you see the old Shin changed to [-gF]- woohooo How do you like it? <embed src="http://urvx.com/kaioshin/GFKai0shin.swf" quality=high...