1. Mr. Satans

    Mr. Satan's SERVER.CFG (ESF v1.2b)

    Many have requested it, so herre it is and make sure to pay attention to some of the comments n stuff.
  2. Mr. Satans

    Small Mistake In v1.2b

    The client command cl_drawdiamonds doesn't work due to a typo in the coding. I did cvarlist and in the list it's cl_drawdiaonds (missing the m) Nothing major, since diamonds are on by default, but just thought I'd bring it to your attention.
  3. Mr. Satans

    ~ESF v1.2b Training~

    First off, I'd like to apologize for the way I explain this whole thing. I typed this from school and I just ate lunch and for some reason, I just can't think very well at the moment, so bear with me. I am planning on setting up my ESF v1.2b server for learning & practicing the new features...
  4. Mr. Satans

    Curious About A v1.2b Feature

    I have been curious about the following tweak for v1.2b Automaticly set boundingboxes for envmodels, if they are not provided within the model itself [done] Does this mean that mappers will no longer need to wrap a carefully shaped clip-brush around env_models? *Crosses Fingers*