1. Dark Templar

    uvw mapping

    can anny one tell me where i can get uvw mapping tutorials or tell me how it works i use 3ds max 7
  2. TRSS

    UVW help

    hey how come when i try to unwrap somthing i could on ly do one part at a time for example, i unwrap the front of the torso correctly but then when i go to unwrap the back i select all the necessary poly go to uvw mapping modifier, fit, the unwrap uvw modifier, the edit uvw's but still only...
  3. G

    Uvw help

    Hey i haven't posted here for a bit, but now i need help. i need to know what program opens UVW files and i need to know this because i made a modle and i want to skin it but i don't know how to do Uv maps...please help
  4. Z

    uvw mapping ( aka skinmapping)

    hi every one i have bin working with 3dsmax 6 for some time now and i wanted to know dous anny one have a good tut for me ? i am looking for the one where every block ( quad face ) gets his own colour
  5. G

    uvw maping

    can someone tell me how to uv/uvw map the model or wat program to use? EDIT: if you don't know wat i mean here it is simple wat program/watever... i have to use to make the model skinable...
  6. A

    Kaiyo Model

    http://wayofthesamurai.netfirms.com/Kfull.jpg yea thats the finished version of the DBZ style Kaiyo model, but yea I still got a lil' work to do, skin, UVW map weld a few vertices, but im juss about done the modelling part, tell me what you think...