1. Denz

    Perfect Cell for UTF

    this is the newest eye candylishes head for Cell hope u like it.....it's matched perfectly http://utf.p-forums.com/teamuploads/users/Dendza/avi.avi that is in avi format for glide look p.s. I dont know but on this monitor the pics are scaled sideways p.s. Body is also done...
  2. Denz

    New UTF siggy

    well what do u think? C&C are welcome here 2 u know!
  3. M

    help witch milkshape

    can anyone help me witch milkshape im trying to amke a model sow i need help plz help me guy's thnx :)
  4. Ranma

    Could I ask for some pictures?

    Can I ask for some reference pics, or sites with really good pics of Ilpalazzo from Excel Saga? I need them for drawing and maybe a sig (for another forum). Anyway i'd appreciate it, i can't find any sites with good pics of him.