1. Death The Jedi

    GODZ for UT2K3

    http://dynamic2.gamespy.com/~godz/design.shtml#control Doesn't it seem very similar to ESF?
  2. steve-o

    DBLB map release

    DragonBall : Lastbout Map release a mod for unrealtournament 2003.. go cheak out the map we have released. The DBLB team have decided to give you all a map for your easter present to play around with.. Hope you enjoy it and any tip's for the map will be looked forward to.. We are going to use...
  3. -Dark Shadow-

    DBLB Goku, gotenks

    DBLB gotenks gotenks Gotenks is being worked on and yes i know it has 2 fingers!
  4. K

    Ut2k3 Dbz Mod!!!!

    ET is the mod supreme.. no wait he isnt hibs ownz0rs him! Peep us out !
  5. solidus

    Awesome Model

    Awesome Model *Gotenks* i was looking over at another forum a while back and i found this picture, and i was wondering if anyone knows what mod this model is for, or if it was ever released? i would post this where i found it, but i cant remember where it was...
  6. God Gundam

    Trunks wip

    well heres my latest, i need crits, the thumbs i have to edit so dont worry bout that, other than that, what do you guys think , oh and let me know if i should give him a sword or not
  7. [SAS]Orion

    Ut2k3 wallpaper

    I made a wallpaper cos I love the game so much:tired:
  8. V

    Polycount pull - UT2k3 texture

    Heya freaks, thought I'd show you this w.i.p as well. Someone named Neolith over at the polycount forums made the model and posted the SDK in the thread. This is what I've gotten done so far: