1. S

    useing server.cfg in steam ??

    O_O hio i have some problems... :no: i modified mr satans server.cfg to my settings now i have downed that dedicated stuff (+patch to 2.1) now if you open the link you get on your desktop then steam opens. then i can set psw maxclients etc(these are already set in that server.cfg i overwritten...

    Useing ESF to show Fanfic Charecters

    Ok so recently i have been writeing a fan fic about a Sayian Named Taln/Wraith and i could think of a way to draw him cause im not very skilled when it ocmes to art but i do have a nack for editing and createing models so i nicked/Borrowed the SSJ Goku model edited it (ALOT) only leaveing the...
  3. S

    can someone.......

    Slideshow of how to make a small/basic map Can someone make a slide show of how to make a basic map on esf, im sure it would help a lot of newbs to map making. I have tried useing the esf tips and stuff on this subjsect but they arnt very usefull if someone could make one it would be a great...
  4. S

    what beta u guys useing

    hi u guys playing with the new 1.1 or 1.0 becasue i just got the 1.1 beta and its crashing all the time, and i dont know how to fix it so any help would be mad... thz :cool:
  5. Grim`

    Transparant Dragonball pics

    Can Some 1 Give me some sites With Transparant Dbz pics ? :'( want to make sig =) But need Cool GOten !!! ( transparrant )
  6. A

    useing a mic to talk in esf like cs

    i say they should implement the talk thing that they have in cs because in esf if u at least type "hello" its over and u get meleed so i think talk would be a good thing in there but w/e its just a suggestion
  7. owa

    Ahh Help!!

    Hey, I'm trying to make a sig like Phobius's like how his is like cut in parts so oyu can see through it. I wanna make osmthing liek taht and I'm useing Photoshop 7. Please help! I'd really appreciate it!
  8. OneWingedAngel


    Ok I was wondering how you can make an Image kinda fade into the background or blend I guess you could say. Please help me I'm useing Photoshop 7
  9. OneWingedAngel

    Weapon Models

    Hey I'm new to modeling ^_^ and i want some help from you guys. How do you go about making weapon models? like do you need to make skeletons,Joints or anything like that? or do you just model it and Animate it and ****. Anyways i'm useing the new version of Milkshape 3D just incase you need that...
  10. V

    I Needa Program!!

    Does anyone know where i can get a FREE modeling program??
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