1. D

    ESF 1.1 Model Download URLS

    Ok here is a ESF 1.1 download site I got off these forums th other day German Special Forces They are slowly updating the 1.0 models to acount for the 1.1 animations. kinda hoping Pro and his squad are doing the same because he had some nice edits If anyone knows of other sites that...


    Tell me please a site where I can upload pics free and without login.
  3. K

    reference pics

    i was wondrin if sum1 could make a sticky for people to post urls for reference pics, so anyone can put sum pics up and then we could hav comunal referencing, it would make it a lot easier and also get rid/reduce the number of reference pic posts... just a suggestion
  4. V

    i could usr a hand at getting my sig to even show up

    uhhh not sure what i have to so to get my sig to show up and help would be good where the file is stored is there